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Many people want life insurance with no medical exam. For religious or personal reasons, they need to avoid all the procedures involved with a physical examination. But the fact is, most insurance companies require that the results of a physical exam be submitted along with an application before they will even consider you for coverage. There are, however, some companies that offer life insurance no medical exam policies. The challenge is to find them and get quotes from them all. Now you have a free resource to help:

Let’s be clear: is not an insurance company. We are not brokers. We are not agents. We don’t sell anything. Instead, is a no-cost service: a one-stop marketplace to get quotes from all the companies offering life insurance with no medical exam.

Our service never costs a fee. No membership is required. And we get you your quotes fast—in just seconds. There is simply no quicker, easier, more convenient and cost-effective way to get quotes from many different insurance companies virtually instantly.

Get your quotes fast thanks to advanced technology

At, you get your quotes fast, amazingly fast. All you do is answer a few simple questions, including when you were born, the state where you live, and your height and weight. Then just click “Get Free Quote.” gives you your quotes in a matter of seconds.

How? How can get so much information from so many companies so fast? The answer is: advanced technology. State-of-the-art software enables us to collect quotes from all the leading companies. Then we display them all at a single source so people like you don’t have to go from company to company, website to website, comparison-shopping.

Sadly, some people believe that comparison-shopping for life insurance with no medical exam is going to be so time-consuming, they don’t even try. They make excuses and put it off. And they end up regretting it.

Policies for all budgets

First, you may be surprised by just how many options finds for you. Then you may be surprised by just how affordable your options are. And these are the biggest and best insurers in the world competing to sell you life insurance with no medical exam. But comparing their policies and rates could take forever. In fact, many people try other ways to find coverage, get maybe one quote then stop after that. They pay the amount of that one and only quote…and usually they pay too much.

That’s never the case with We do the comparison-shopping for you. And we do it fast. Getting quotes from many different companies used to be time-consuming. Now it’s quick. How quick? As quick as a click: Click “Get Free Quote.”

Policies for all people who want to avoid a medical exam


There are many reasons why people seek life insurance with no medical exam. Some reasons are personal. Some are religious. But they all share one thing: the need or desire to avoid being touched by a doctor, giving a blood sample and urine sample, completing a detailed personal medical history, and all the other steps in a medical exam.

Some people are afraid of needles, so they look for life insurance with no medical exam. Some people don’t want to share their family medical history, and that’s the reason that they want life insurance with no medical exam. And their reasons for wanting coverage are just as diverse: Some get it for the classic purpose of protecting their loved ones’ future financial stability. Others get life insurance to benefit their children’s or nieces’ and nephews’ college education funds. And some people get life insurance with no medical exam and name a charity or church, temple, or mosque as the beneficiary.

For all types of people who want to get life insurance but avoid a medical exam, can help.

Get your quotes with no hassles…and no medical exam

You may be pleasantly surprised at just how easy it now is to find life insurance with no medical exam. All you need to do is fill out a very short and simple online form—you do it just once to get quotes from many different companies. Then click “Get Free Quote.” Your quotes appear almost instantly. Check out all your options. Then pick the one that fits your needs and your budget.

It’s that easy, that fast, that free at

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